Stuck in Your 20’s (or 30’s)?

Did you think you’d be at a different place in your life by now? Maybe a dream job, your own apartment or even married? This is very normal. What we think life will look like when we’re younger and what it actually looks like can be very different. The time in your early 20’s (or early 30’s) where society considers you an ‘adult’ but you don’t feel like one, can be one of the biggest transitions in your life. You’re gradually becoming more independent yet you still feel stuck.

One young person I worked with, in her mid-20’s, was still living with her parents, working a brain-numbing job and unable to envision her future path. After just a month of working together with her, I was able to see a physical change – a change that was a reflection of the changes she was feeling and had started to act upon. She stood up taller, got a new hairstyle, smiled more easily, and was seemingly more confident. She was able to find her own apartment and begin looking for a job that would bring more meaning and satisfaction to her life. She now has hope, can envision the positive changes she wants to make in her life, and is taking steps to achieve them.

Although positive change takes longer than just one month to completely achieve, and depends upon each person’s situation, support system, resources, motivation and readiness for change – the important point is to take that first step forward.

If you want to propel your life forward and get out of the rut, Life Coaching is for you.