Stay at Home Dads – What’s Next?

By: Marilyn Fettner

Why are more dads increasingly becoming the “stay-at-home parent?”

  • An increasing number of men are leaving the workplace to become stay at home dads.
  • Why this shift, when, traditionally, women have been the stay-at-home parent? 
  • More women are increasingly taking on high-powered, high-paying jobs and are committed to their career advancement. This can mean significant hours spent working.
  • When women in high-level positions are transferred, often their spouses have difficulty finding a job in the new location.
  • If a child has special needs and mom makes more money, dad will often leave a job to care for the child.

Are you a stay-at-home dad?  Here are 4 benefits:

  • You get to build a closer bond with your children. This was not as common in the past, when moms typically spent more time with the kids, while dads were away working.
  • It may be hard to believe – but until recently, the bond between fathers and children was undervalued. In reality, the relationship between you and your kids is hugely beneficial and essential to their development.
  • If you have a daughter, seeing you do “housework” sends the message that household tasks are not just “women’s work” and can encourage her to set ambitious career goals.
  • Being closely involved in your children’s development provides a positive model, for your children, of co-parenting.

What’s next for stay-at-home dads….when kids enter high school?

  • Once the kids are more independent, busy with friends and activities, and need you less – you can feel a loss of purpose. 
  • You may look for home repair projects to stay productive but can still find yourself in a funk.
  • It’s possible you might even start doubting your image, identity, or self-esteem.

Have you thought about going back to work? If so, you may have questions:

  • What am I qualified to do? What am I good at? 
  • What’s it like looking for a job now? Where do I start?
  • I didn’t like what I did before, so how can I ensure this work experience is better?

If you want answers to these questions and others, contact Marilyn Fettner, LCPC, NCC, CCC, Certified PV Coach. She’s worked with numerous back-to-work parents and can help you find your direction and build confidence. Contact Marilyn for your 10-minute introductory phone chat, or 45-minute consultation. 847-831-0079.