So…Did You Find A Job Yet?

Ahh, the Holidays. A time to relax, enjoy family and friends, and eat until your heart’s content.

Or is it?

The Holidays can be like the hunger games; you never know when your family is going to strike. And if you’re recently unemployed, you know the dreaded, ‘so, have you found a job yet?’ question will arise – multiple times.

Certain family members have a way of asking a perfectly normal question yet it gets under your skin and feels like a jab.

This year try to put yourself in the right headspace before opening the door to greet the family. Planning ahead can help us feel more confident in difficult situations and will prevent you from being caught off guard and reacting in a way you might later regret.

Here are 5 ways to help get your through the Holidays when you’re unemployed:

  1. Take a deep breath before you answer a question

It’s natural for someone to ask what the next step in your life is. If you see this person once a year, they may be genuinely curious and coming from a good place. Take a deep breath and assume they are asking because they care.

  1. Watch the alcohol consumption

Alcohol impacts our thought process significantly and can cause us to speak without thinking. Thinking clearly and responding appropriately are much easier when alcohol isn’t a factor.

  1. Ask them a question

There’s nothing like a classic turnaround when a relative asks a question that’s a little more invasive than you’re interested in. Ask about someone’s first semester at college, another’s new job, an upcoming vacation or compliment a bracelet.

  1. Be Honest

Sometimes the best response is the direct response. It’s simple: Just tell them you don’t want to talk about the job situation. Be kind about it but know that it’s OK to tell someone you’d prefer to discuss something else.

  1. Post-Holiday self-care

Now that you’ve made it through another Holiday with family, take care of yourself. Sometimes we tend to over think a conversation we had and allow it to get the best of us.

They are family, and deep down we really do love them. So, when you’re frustrated, try to remember all the things you are grateful for in your life – even nagging family members.

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