Personal Vision Coaching

Personal Vision Coaching

If you’re feeling rudderless, stuck, or lack purpose or direction, Personal Vision Coaching can help redirect your life with a new roadmap to what is truly important to you.

We all use a ‘roadmap’ to navigate through life. Your roadmap should be a guide to align how you’re living your life – with what is essential, to ensure your life is fulling.

Is your ‘roadmap’ working for you?

  • Some roadmaps are go-with-the-flow, while others are planned.
  • Unfortunately, not all roadmaps fit our needs, values, and priorities.

How can personal vision coaching make a difference?

Numerous studies on success consistently show that personal vision is more important in both success and satisfaction than any other factor – even more important than education, intelligence, or socio-economic background.

Through personal vision coaching, you will figure out what you really want to do, feel, be, think, own, spend time doing, be part of and influence/impact in your life.

  • You will better understand your (own) intrapersonal components, including your values, abilities, personality style, interests, skills and experiences.
  • Your personal vision will integrate your intrapersonal components with important factors, such as your life stage, physical well-being, spirituality, family, social and intimate relationships, leisure priorities, and work/career.

With a personal vision, you will be in the balance cycle, rather than in a stress cycle.

  • In the balance cycle, you will be more productive and experience more meaning, fulfillment, and enjoyment.
  • In contrast, without a personal vision, you could wind up in a stress cycle, where you experience burnout and feel as though your efforts are a waste of time and lack purpose.

Why create your personal vision statement?

Your Personal Vision Statement expresses your personal vision in writing. Research indicates that you are more likely to accomplish written intentions vs those you don’t commit to writing.

With your Personal Vision Statement:

  • You will tend to make reactive decisions that are not based on meaningful personal values.
  • These decisions are more likely to result in short-term fixes, rather than comprehensive and viable solutions.

Create your Personal Vision Statement with these 4 steps:

Step 1:  Clarify your Whole Person Model components of skills, interests, values, personality style, life goals, family influences, and abilities.

Step 2:  Complete the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) to assess your natural abilities and personal style; complete assessments to assess other Whole Personal Model factors.

Step 3:  Meet with Marilyn, who is a Highlands Certified Consultant and Personal Vision Coach, who will interpret your HAB results and help you understand what you are naturally good at and enjoy.

Step 4:  Create your Personal Vision Statement with the Personal Vision Don’t Waste Your Talent (DWYT) coaching program.

Start living your life in a way that reflects your values and purpose.

Start living your life in a way that reflects your values and purpose.