Entrepreneur & Business Coaching

Entrepreneur & Business Coaching

Clarify Your Goals – Ask the Right Questions

  • What are the five top mistakes failed entrepreneurs make?
  • Should you start or buy a business?  Become a partner?  Buy a franchise?  Be a consultant?
  • Are certain personality styles better suited to entrepreneurship than others?
  • How do you figure out the right solutions? Where do you begin?

Our Entrepreneurship Program gets you on the right track

  • Your Business Back-Story – This starting plan organizes your ideas to build your foundation.
  • Your Six-Step Entrepreneurial Career Journey
    • Step 1: Discover – Identify your Entrepreneurial Profile to determine your Best-Fit Business. The better you know yourself, the more successful you can be.
    • Step 2: Explore – Research the current market and future trends.
    • Step 3: Plan – Prepare your business plan.
    • Step 4: Market – Position and brand your company as the leading market choice.
    • Step 5: Track – Establish benchmarks to guide and track your success.
    • Step 6: Refine – Identify trends and competition to refine your niche, implement continuous improvement, and grow profits while you manage risk.

Entrepreneurial Skill-Building – Where do you need to build ‘entrepreneurial muscle’?

  • Critical entrepreneurial skills:
    • Strategic Planning
    • Visioning, Trend Recognition, SWOT Analysis
    • Four-Quadrant (Balanced) Decision-Making
    • Prioritizing and Delegating
    • Leadership and Relationship-Building

What’s in your future?

  • Protect your legacy. Plan for your exit strategy.

Is Distance a Problem?

“Our roadmap gives you a process to manage your entrepreneurial development and prepare to launch your business.”