ADHD Coaching & Executive Function Coaching

ADHD Coaching and Executive Functioning Coaching Services

ADHD Coaching can help improve the executive functioning areas that are your greatest challenges and help you achieve your most urgent and important goals. This can include professional, personal, interpersonal and academic goals. Below are key executive functions with a brief description of how coaching can help.

  • Storing pertinent information in your working memoryretrieving it when needed, and applying it appropriately.
  • Focusing and sustaining attentionon tasks you need to do, even if they are uninteresting to you.
  • Having a realistic sense of time, and accurately planning and managing time – so you can be on time to appointments, work, school and other places, and plan and complete short-term and long-term tasks or projects in a timely manner.
  • Remembering “things” in sufficient time, such as appointments and “to-do’s” – particularly what’s significant to you, and to others you care about.
  • Starting or “self-initiating” a task, project, or responsibility, and following through to completion – rather than procrastinating and/or failing to complete important projects.
  • Having reasonable control over your emotions and impulses – experiencing a feeling or impulse without acting on it, unless it makes good sense to do so, instead of being “reactive.”
  • Making good decisionsusing hindsight and forethought to anticipate potential outcomes and consequences of making a choice, and deciding whether the choice makes good sense and is in your best interests before acting it.

If you have ADHD, what can you do?

  • Educate yourself to understand ADHD, and remember that it is unrelated to intelligence.
  • Know that it is, indeed, possible (and even probable) to experience success in life. In fact, many successful people have ADHD.
  • Become informed about strategies that have been shown to improve executive functioning. They are generally learned, practiced and applied as part of ADHD coaching, although self-help books are available.
  • Adopt a willingness to learn and use new ways of thinking and doing things. This is essential for positive change to occur.

“Your desire and commitment to change is the first step to achieve positive change.”

  • Although each individual experiences ADHD somewhat differently, the condition can affect some or all of our brain’s executive functions.
  • These functions are referred to as ‘executive’ because they organize, direct, and manage many processes needed to function effectively, as an executive does for a company.
  • Some people learn they have ADHD as children, but many do not find out until they are adults.
  • ADHD has nothing to do with intelligence. (Exceedingly smart people can have ADHD.)
  • However, if ADHD is untreated, for example:
    1. Individuals can experience a conflict between their responsibility to complete certain tasks and the ability to start and/or follow through on the tasks. This can result in frustration, and some people unfortunately report feeling ‘stupid, clueless or scattered.’
    2. It can make certain tasks exceptionally difficult and cause individuals to be unsuccessful in school or in their careers, and to experience underemployment or unemployment. Many people with untreated ADHD have tremendous potential but can find it hard to make the most of it.
  • Due to the challenges ADHD presents, some individuals may also suffer from anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.
  • ADHD Coaching can help bring order to chaos, improve relationships, build self-esteem, and support academic and career success.
  • My coaching services begin with understanding what you want to be different in your life, and learning about what matters to you, including your values, goals, and current lifestyle.
  • We will design a step-by-step customized approach, based on your goals which may include mutually agreed-upon lifestyle adjustments, as needed, to support the positive changes and goals you want to achieve.
  • To support your success, I offer written worksheets and checklists, along with tips for environmental supports and cues to fit your lifestyle as much as possible, and regular check-ins – all for no additional fee.