Sanity and Success for Working Women: A Quick Guide to Survive and Thrive in the Corporate World – Who is this book for?

By: Marilyn Fettner

A powerful advantage of Sanity and Success for Working Women are the exercises it offers, which take an important concept and translate it into a practical experience.

  • The exercises strengthen mental muscles in a way that’s similar to physical training.
  • Rather than simply reading a description of a problem, you’ll gain skill enhancements for positive change.

There is also great value in these pages for corporate leaders, because they are the people with the power and influence to effect broad impactful changes.

So, who exactly is this powerful book for? If you or someone you know can check one of these boxes, then this book is for you (or them, as a present!). Women who:

  • Work in a corporate environment
  • Want to move up in their careers
  • Are new managers or middle managers across any industry
  • Want to figure out how to get promoted
  • Are trying to attain “work-life balance”
  • Need to deal with female managers
  • Want to ask for a raise
  • Are learning to become assertive and need to give themselves permission to do so
  • Often play ‘small’ and don’t take credit for their ideas or speak up
  • Are mothers, sisters, daughters, spouses, or partners, of women in the corporate workforce

And don’t forget fathers of women in the workplace…you can help your daughters in the corporate world find sanity and success in their work and personal lives!

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