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Marilyn Fettner, LCPC, CCC, NCC, has been helping clients live their best lives, professionally and personally for over two decades. Fettner Career and Life Coaching grew out of Marilyn Fettner’s skills and expertise as a career and life coach where she has guided students, executives, entrepreneurs, and back-to-work professionals to achieve career success and satisfaction. Regardless of whether you are facing a career change, medical challenge, learning or emotional hurdle, or a difficult relationship, career and life coaching can help you meet these challenges. With Fettner Career and Life Coaching, Marilyn Fettner utilizes a holistic, integrative approach that is customized for each client’s specific style and coaching goals. Marilyn implements an adaptable step-by-step coaching process and common-sense strategies that can be applied immediately. For individuals from Northbrook who are searching for answers to resolving issues in their personal and professional lives, Fettner Career and Life Coaching is here to help.

Northbrook Life Coaches

Fettner Career and Life Coaching is based in the north shore suburbs in Northbrook, Illinois and serves the Chicago area and entire United States with virtual coaching.  Life coaches have been helping Northbrook adults build confidence and get their lives back on track by improving communication skills, relationship skills, and managing challenges like adult ADHD by providing ADHD coaching for adults. As challenges arise, life coaches can work with Northbrook clients to crystalize their needs, identify objectives, and develop a strategy to get them from where they are now to where they want to be. With a life coach from Fettner Career and Life Coaching on their team, Northbrook clients will have someone in their corner who will be a great non-judgmental listener and empathetic to what they are experiencing and feeling. Life coaching can give you practical problem- solving skills and coping skills to help you navigate the rough patches most of us face in life, such as a difficult life transition, job loss, academic problem, college transition, dating relationships, family relationships, a relationship break-up or divorce.

Northbrook Life Coaching

Everyone needs an opportunity, from time to time, to activate their innate strengths for positive life change. Life coaches empower clients to tackle the issues and challenges they may encounter in a skillful and mindful manner. Allow us the opportunity to assist you in taking charge and managing your life in a way that benefits you and enriches your life.

For more information about life coaching, call Fettner Career and Life Coaching today at: (847) 322-8292. Our life coaches look forward to the opportunity to help you get back in control of your life so you can live happy, work happy and be happy!

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