Making a True Change This Year – In Your Relationship

By: Marilyn Fettner

New Year, new you – right?

You told yourself this is going to be YOUR year! But…things feel exactly the same and you’re not sure how to make a change or where to start, especially when it comes to your relationship.  Dating and relationships can be challenging and feel like work.  Sometimes you may even feel like giving up. Here’s the best part – you’re not alone and it is work! It can feel socially awkward to try and decipher the other person. What are their needs? How do I accommodate them without loosing myself? Why can’t I seem to take the next steps in my relationship?

You may be having a mental block and it can actually stem from something else in your life, that is creating this bottleneck. Together, through life coaching we’ll identify new possibilities for solutions – and empower you with strategies for coping, problem-solving, and creating positive change so you can live life the way you want.