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Is Your College Student Stressed-out?

  • Is your college student experiencing stress that’s getting in the way of their studies? Are they even considering dropping out of school?
  • In contrast to college, high school is more structured, and students can feel like they’re in a ‘safe’ place. For many students, the less structured college environment is the first time they are in charge of managing their time and balancing academics, work, and even their social life – without their parents’ guidance.
  • Many students also experience pressure and feel overwhelmed and lost, when the time comes that they need to decide on a major and career focus.

If you’ve noticed any of the following in your college student, it may be time for them to talk to someone:

  • Trouble focusing on conversations or academics; poor sleep habits
  • Inability to decide on a major; lack of career direction – feeling stuck or lost
  • Don’t know what they ‘want to be when they grow up’
  • Worry about the unknown; fear of failure
  • Talking about how they want to drop out or that ‘college isn’t worth it’

Your student is not alone but they may need guidance to help them gain self-knowledge to understand themselves better and how their attributes match with careers. They may also benefit from enhancing their organizational and stress management skills.

These skills and self-knowledge can help your student with goal-setting for their future direction and improve their ability to manage their time and commitments. Taking these actions can help students feel less overwhelmed because they will have a direction and focus for their future.

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