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Is Your College Student Home Unexpectedly?

Parenting right now is hard, really hard.

  • Do you have a college student who is home now, due to the stay-at-home situation, and seems to have little direction or motivation, since their world has been turned upside down? 
  • Don’t lose hope!

Sometimes it’s easier said than done to stay positive when we don’t know what the future holds.

  • You, yourself, may be feeling anything but positive. So how can you help your son or daughter use this time effectively – for his/her future? 
  • This is a great time for your student to figure out their next steps for their college major and career – for when they go back to college, or for their first job out of college.

Here are four tips to keep you and your college student optimistic while at home:

  • Jobs DO exist right now. There are many companies that are hiring – right now. Here is a resource from LinkedIn that is updated daily. Check out their full list for all job levels!
  • Career vs Major. If your student is heading back to school in the Fall, they’ll want to make sure they choose a career – not just a major. They’ll want to assess jobs that are in demand – and identify majors that will prepare them for their select jobs and career paths.
  • Have fun! This will pass and soon enough your college student may be living in a different state. You won’t get this time back! While it can be stressful, try to have fun together; play board games, watch movies together, ride bikes, cook, and garden.
  • Engage in Coaching with Marilyn. Coaching provides support in uncertain times, help to recalibrate, and strategies to stay focused on your priorities.
    • The HAB objectively measures your natural abilities and provides a list of careers that match your results. Report versions include: Student, Adult, Leadership, and Lawyer.
    • This, and other career tools, provide clarity for your career decision-making in these uncertain times. 

While this time can feel overwhelming, it’s temporary. Commit to using this time now to help your student plan for their future.

I look forward to working with your college student on a customized coaching plan to help them discover what it is they really want to and can do, based on their strengths and the current economic environment.