Headed Back into the Workforce After Being a Stay-At-Home Parent?

Many moms (and dads) that choose to stay home with their kid(s) have arguably one of the hardest and most fulfilling jobs of their life. However, there comes a point where your kids don’t ‘need’ you the way they used to.

With your kid(s) out of the house more of the time, finally there’s time for YOU again! This can feel equally exciting and terrifying. What are you going to do with your time? What’s important to you? If you want to explore diving back into the workforce, you many notice that some insecurities start to seep in:

  • Am I employable?
  • Where do I fit in?
  • What is the job search like right now?
  • How do I interview?

Although the working world may look different now than when you were in the midst of it years ago, don’t let these questions stop you from moving forward. Rather, allow them to ‘free’ you! This is a great opportunity to start fresh – you can build on your confidence and use your life experience to help you discover options for this next phase of your life. Finally, it’s time for you to focus on YOU!

Begin the exploration process, identify your Best-Fit for this phase of your life, brush up on your interview skills, and get out there again! Marilyn will work collaboratively with you, at your own pace, in a step-by-step approach