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Live Happy, Work Happy, and Be Happy has been the motto of Fettner Career and Life Coaching for nearly 25 years. It evolved from life coach Marilyn Fettner’s personal experience, as a Certified Career Counselor and Certified Life Vision Coach working with entrepreneurs, executives, and other professionals who were seeking career coaching and life coaching services, to help them on the path to a profitable career and more fulfilling and meaningful life. Marilyn Fettner has effectively assisted countless people throughout the country in managing the challenges of life transitions, difficult relationships, ADHD and executive functioning, and negative thinking that often interfere with their ability to attain life goals. It is not surprising to discover that so many of our Glenview neighbors are choosing Fettner Career and Life Coaching to help them get on the right track to success and a more satisfying life.


Glenview, Illinois is in Cook County, with approximately 49,000 residents. Fettner Career and Life Coaching is just northeast of Glenview in Northbrook. The impact of having a life coach can have a transformative and life changing impact on a Glenview resident’s life. Through life coaching and career coaching, Fettner Career and Life Coaching coaches their Glenview clientele to create realistic career objectives and life goals, create balance in their life, improve their communication and relationship skills, and identify priorities. As a highly skilled and capable life coach, Marilyn Fettner has been able to restore confidence in Glenview clients, so they are better equipped to tackle the life and career challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. With professional life coaching and career coaching services, there is no limit to what our Glenview clients can achieve.


Through a holistic life coach approach, Marilyn Fettner will ensure that Glenview clientele not only can meet their goals, but that they can surpass them. With Fettner Career and Life Coaching support and career guidance, you will be prepared to deal with whatever life challenges or career challenges come your way. For additional information about our life coaching and career coaching, call Fettner Career and Life Coaching at (847) 322-8292 and schedule your consultation today.

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