Do You Have a Personal Vision Statement?

By: Marilyn Fettner

Do You Have a Personal Vision Statement?

Are you living your life in the way you want?  Does your lifestyle reflect your values and purpose?

If you feel dissatisfied in your life or have a lack of connection or purpose, a Personal Vision Statement can help redirect your life to connect with what is truly important to you.

Why create your Personal Vision Statement?

With your Personal Vision Statement:

  • You are likely to be more satisfied and productive, and live your life with more meaning and purpose. 
  • You will use your personal vision to make decisions that encompass your internal purpose and values. These decisions will be based on long-term goals and are likely to be more viable.


Without your Personal Vision Statement:

  • You will tend to make reactive decisions that are not based on meaningful personal values.  
  • These decisions are more likely to result in short-term fixes, rather than comprehensive long-term, viable solutions.


4 steps to create your Personal Vision Statement:

Step 1:  Understand the Whole Person Model components of your skills, interests, values, personality style, life goals, family influences, and abilities.

Step 2:  Complete the Highlands Ability Battery to assess your natural abilities and personal style; complete assessments to assess other Whole Personal Model factors.

Step 3:  Meet with your Highlands Certified Consultant who will interpret your report results and coach you in clarifying what you are naturally good at and enjoy.

Step 4:  Create your Personal Vision Statement with the Personal Vision Don’t Waste Your Talent (DWYT) coaching program.


Marilyn is a Certified Personal Vision Coach and a Certified Affiliate for the Highland’s Ability Battery.  Ask her about the Personal Vision Coaching Program. She can coach you through the Highland’s Whole Person 4-step Method. Schedule a complimentary 10-minute introductory meeting or your full 45-minute consultation.  

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