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How Do I Choose a Life Coach?

There are numerous ways to pick a Life Coach; recommendation from a trusted friend, a great website, just ‘had a feeling’…etc. No matter how you choose your Life Coach, you’ll want to make sure that person is certified properly and a good fit. Marilyn Fettner has over 20 years of coaching experience and numerous certifications. Here are just some of Marilyn’s certifications.

Master Career Counselor or MCC: An M.C.C certification is to recognize individuals who can provide a full range of career services, including assessment, to clients. They typically hold a master’s degree in counseling and may also possess related credentials such as the NCCC, NCC, state LPC, RPCC or be a licensed psychologist. These professionals are carefully screened to ensure that their level of expertise meets six or more of the NCDA (National Career Development Association) counseling competencies.

National Certified Counselor or NCC: The National Certified Counselor (NCC) is the premier certification for the counseling profession. Holding the NCC demonstrates to colleagues and the public that you have voluntarily met high national standards for the practice of counseling.

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor by the State of Illinois or LCPC: An LCPC professional has been qualified to provide psychotherapy and other counseling services. LCPCs are trained to work with individuals, families, and groups to treat psychological, behavioral, and emotional problems. The main goal of LCPCs is to use counseling strategies to help people live a more satisfying life, which typically involves identifying a goal and finding potential solutions. ‘Career Coaches’ are not licensed counselors.

Achieve Global Coaching Instructor: Achieve Global is focused on workforce development and enhances skills such as: training and consulting in leadership development and related areas.

Certified Affiliate for the Highlands Ability Battery: To administer the Highlands Ability Battery™ (HAB) to individuals, students, or employees, the Highlands Certification Training must be completed. The training covers the intricacies of the HAB technology, the philosophies behind the Highlands Whole Person Method, and best practices for providing individual and group feedback to clients. By becoming a Highlands Certified Consultant, professionals set themselves apart by being able to provide richer, more objective career recommendations to clients.