Your Student Has Graduated, Now What?


Graduation is an exciting time! The possibilities are endless!

  • Some graduates know exactly what kind of jobs they want to apply for, and where they want to work. But although they are sending out lots of resumes, they may be receiving few quality responses – if any at all.
  • For others, the possibilities after graduation can be daunting. They have no idea what kind of job they may excel at or enjoy. This can be especially challenging, if their degree lacks a specific job focus.

Both situations are common for new grads and it’s not unusual to struggle. Luckily, there are steps your graduate can take to help him/her/them identify jobs that are a good-fit and get quality responses.

5 Steps for New Grad Job Search

1. Identify good-fit jobs – searching jobs by ‘entry level’ can be a useful start. But it’s important to take time to explore jobs, and thoroughly read job descriptions. Look for areas that interest you and skills you have and/or think you can easily learn.
2. Create a focused job search plan – As you identify jobs in step 1, create a targeted job plan by listing the job titles and names of potential employers that have posted these jobs.
3. Revise your resume – Select two to three representative job postings from step 1, and identify responsibilities, skills, and qualifications you fit. Revise your resume to include these. Depending upon your job focus, it can also be helpful to include relevant coursework, projects, activities, volunteer work, internships, and part-time jobs.
4. Update your online profiles – Use relevant content from your resume to update your LinkedIn profile, because recruiters use LinkedIn to search for and check out candidates. Be sure your photo is current and conveys a professional image. Check that all your online images are appropriate.
5. Network with others in your field. Attend job fairs, networking events and meetups to meet others who may be able to connect you to hiring decision-makers.

Additional tips:

  • When searching for jobs, be aware of whether the job is posted by the employer or a staffing agency.
  • Try to identify if the pay is hourly, salaried, or commission.
  • Ensure your interview skills are competitive and you are prepared to confidently answer questions, as well as, ask relevant questions of the interviewer.
  • Job search can feel like a job in itself, and it’s important not to stress. Schedule time each week to search and stay organized to keep track of your applications and your progress.
  • If you still feel lost and/or un-directed, it could be helpful to take career assessments with a qualified career coach, who can interpret the results to identify jobs/career paths that fit your natural abilities, personality style, interests, values, and other relevant career factors.

Start your grad off on the right track by working with Marilyn. As a Certified Career Counselor and Personal Vision Coach, Marilyn has the experience and knowledge to guide your grad to create a clear plan for success.

To schedule a complimentary 10-minute introductory meeting or your full 45-minute consultation, email Marilyn at:, or call (847) 322-8292.

How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Do you know your personality style? Your passionate interests? Your natural abilities?
These all play a key role to determine a satisfying career & life path for you.

• Have you ever felt like you knew what you wanted, but then got stuck?
• Does it seem like what you’ve been doing all along hasn’t felt right – or fit with who you ‘really’ are?
• Have you felt empty in your work, with no sense of purpose?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to change direction – to a career and life path that fit the ‘real’ you.

These 3 assessments can help you find your best-fit career and life path:

1. Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
The MBTI is an introspective self-report assessment that offers insight into how you naturally prefer to get energized, focus your attention, take in information, make decisions, and approach life and work.
– Knowing your style tells you the type of work role, job characteristics, and environment, in which you will thrive.
– Additionally, it gives insight into styles different than yours, so you can understand and more effectively interact with others – including your co-workers, boss, or partners.
– It’s also useful in personal, family, and social relationships to improve communication and understanding.
– Report versions include the: Profile, Interpretive, College, Personal Impact Report, Communication, Decision Making, Stress Management, and Conflict Management.
– This is a great fit for: students, adults, executives, and anyone who wants to identify their best-fit work role and environment, and improve their communication, decision-making, and stress management strategies, in both personal and professional situations.

2. Highlands Ability Battery (HAB)
The HAB is a test that reveals your natural talents, which many believe is the most influential piece of self-knowledge for creating one’s personal vision to success and achieving satisfaction in work and life.
– The report provides a section on personal style, along with a rich description of your abilities and a list of careers that best fit your abilities.
– Report versions include the: Student Report, Adult Report, Lawyer Report, Leadership Report
– This is a great fit for: students seeking direction for a major, lawyers and law students who want to clarify their fit with the career of law, and anyone who wants to work in a career aligned with their abilities and personal style.

3. Strong Interest Inventory
This self-report assessment gives you robust insight into your key areas of interests and passions, along with your work style.
– The report also provides a list of careers that are a close fit with your interests.
– Report versions include: Interpretive, Profile, Skills Confidence Profile, High School, College, and Professional/Adult.
– This is a great fit for: students seeking direction for a major and career, and for adults, who want to work in a career they care about and that fits their interests and work style.

If you’re feeling stuck in your career, work with Marilyn to identify the best career choices for you, based on your unique personality, abilities, and interests!

To schedule a complimentary 10-minute introductory meeting or your full 45-minute consultation please email Marilyn at:

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