Bouncing Back From a Negative Work Experience

There are approximately 112 waking hours in the week and work occupies anywhere from 35-55% of that time. Between getting ready for work, commuting, and the time you think about work after-hours, it can seem like work is your life. So when you have a negative work experience or a negative work situation, it can quickly bleed into every other aspect of your life, including your family interactions, social relationships, and your overall mood.

Often times, this negative experience at work reflects in subtle changes such as feeling unmotivated to exercise or eat healthy, being short-tempered, and feeling tired all the time. You may also experience the ‘Sunday evening blues’ where the weekend has slipped by and the burden of going to work the next day suddenly becomes very heavy.

We’ve all been there. The question is, how do you move forward from this type of work situation, and regain your energy and motivation to go to work? Or, how do you get out of the situation all together, find a better fitting job, and do so with your head held high?

Marilyn can help the healing and rebuilding process, so you can recognize your strengths and regain your confidence! If you’re ready to make a change and feel better, email or call Marilyn today.