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7 Ways to Improve Communication in Relationships

We love connecting with other people because it makes us happy—good communication is the key when it comes to positive social interaction. But what does a healthy conversation look like? How can you avoid over-communicating? And how can you improve communication in a romantic relationship? Read on for a summary of some important models and […]

Stay Safe But Stop Obsessing: How to Prevent Coronavirus From Taking Over Your Life

For a small percentage of people, coronavirus is life-threatening. But even if you’re not infected, the COVID-19 pandemic can have a serious psychological impact on the ability to stay calm, focused, and innovative at work. The reason? All these breaking news updates, stock market alerts, and panicked public health announcements have exploited three basic characteristics […]

Three Ways to Get ‘Unstuck’ in Your Career

With the state of the world, everything can feel heavy right now — like a bad dream we can’t wake up from. There’s no doubt that our lives and careers will look different from this point forward. But this time is also the perfect opportunity to make life changes that you’ve been holding back on […]

What Will Work-Life Balance Look Like After the Pandemic?

As if being a working parent didn’t already include enough moving pieces to manage, even toddlers are now having standing teleconferences. For the two of us, our daughters’ virtual morning preschool meeting is one more item to be juggled as we attempt to work full-time from home without childcare. Our own conference calls are scheduled […]

Is Your College Student Home Unexpectedly?

Parenting right now is hard, really hard. Do you have a college student who is home now, due to the stay-at-home situation, and seems to have little direction or motivation, since their world has been turned upside down?  Don’t lose hope! Sometimes it’s easier said than done to stay positive when we don’t know what […]

A Psychologist’s Guide to Online Dating

Edward Royzman, a psychology professor at the University of Pennsylvania, asks me to list four qualities on a piece of paper: physical attractiveness, income, kindness, and fidelity. Then he gives me 200 virtual “date points” that I’m to distribute among the four traits. The more I allocate to each attribute, the more highly I supposedly […]

Wild Times – Keep Your Head Up!

We are all in this together. Remember, this will not be our ‘normal’ forever. Most of us find ourselves and our families hunkering down at home, during these uncertain times. It’s an adjustment to say the least. We are feeling a lot of things: uneasy, stressed, unbalanced and confused. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and […]

The Right Career Fit: The Path to Closing the Skills Gap

This article is part one of two in a series introducing a new feature of the Highlands Career Exploration report, coming March 2020. There is a skills gap in the American workforce. Jobs are available and recruiters are looking for talent, but increasingly they are not finding it within the ranks of new graduates from […]

Job Burnout is a Real Thing!

Do you dread going into work in the morning? Do you sit in your car in your workplace parking lot, waiting until the last moment before heading into work? Maybe you can’t wait to be back in your car, on your way home, or heading to do something you feel passionate about? If you said […]