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What Is the Next Step in Your Career?

Are you stuck in a job that isn’t you? Ready for a career change, but have no idea where to start?  Or maybe you know what you’re looking for, but need a plan to get there?   If one of these 5 challenges (or others) is creating a bottleneck, keep reading! Paralyzing indecision about whether […]

The Kids Are Back in School – Now What? 

Are You at a Crossroads in Your Life? Did you just send your kids back to school? Maybe you sent an older child to college for the first time. Or maybe you have a younger child who just started preschool or kindergarten. Whatever your situation, it can be difficult transitioning to a new routine – […]

Do You Have a Personal Vision Statement?

Do You Have a Personal Vision Statement? Are you living your life in the way you want?  Does your lifestyle reflect your values and purpose? If you feel dissatisfied in your life or have a lack of connection or purpose, a Personal Vision Statement can help redirect your life to connect with what is truly […]

Stay at Home Dads – What’s Next?

Why are more dads increasingly becoming the “stay-at-home parent?”   An increasing number of men are leaving the workplace to become stay at home dads. Why this shift, when, traditionally, women have been the stay-at-home parent?  More women are increasingly taking on high-powered, high-paying jobs and are committed to their career advancement. This can mean […]

Your Student Has Graduated, Now What?

CONGRATULATIONS – YOUR STUDENT HAS GRADUATED! NOW WHAT? Graduation is an exciting time! The possibilities are endless! Some graduates know exactly what kind of jobs they want to apply for, and where they want to work. But although they are sending out lots of resumes, they may be receiving few quality responses – if any […]

What Is Your Personal Vision Statement?

Are You Living Your Personal Vision? If so, you’re more likely to be living a happy and fulfilling life!   What is your Personal Vision Statement? It’s your written commitment for how you want to live your life. It influences every aspect of your life and career. It’s considered one of the most important factors […]

Is Your College Student Stressed-out?

Is your college student experiencing stress that’s getting in the way of their studies? Are they even considering dropping out of school? In contrast to college, high school is more structured, and students can feel like they’re in a ‘safe’ place. For many students, the less structured college environment is the first time they are […]

Stuck in a Job…With Paralyzing Stress

Our career choices can give us purpose, as well as pain. Many people feel like they are ‘stuck’ in their job – like there’s no way out – and they’re unsure how to get out or where to go. For some, it may be easier to change jobs or even careers and move on. For […]