Are You Working in a ‘Man’s World?’

Women are taking charge, making decisions, and leading successful businesses around the world. But even with these successes, it can feel like an uphill battle to climb your way to the top.

4 Tips to Succeed as Woman in the Workplace…While Keeping Your Wit and Shine in Tact!

1.Be accountable

Accountability means saying what you are going to do and doing it. Being a leader means following through. Set goals and be decisive when it comes to work decisions and career choices. You will make mistakes, it’s inevitable, but make sure to own them, fix them, and prevent them from happening in the future.

2. Have confidence

Confidence goes a long way and ensures success, especially in the business world. The gap between men and women in the workplace has closed considerably—but still not enough nor fast enough. Step up and be confident in your work. Remember that as a woman, you work just as hard as your male colleagues and can handle the same challenges as the guys at the same level as you. Stop questioning your abilities, because most everyone is capable of achievement if we simply have the confidence to believe we can do it.

3.Build the sisterhood 

Studies show many companies lose close to 50% of their women employees every five years. By the time a female employee achieves a senior role, they are often the lone woman at the top. What can you do? Build your support network with ambitious women who are also fierce in their support of other female employees. Form women’s mentoring and sponsorship groups. And when you succeed, do not pull the ladder up behind you – instead make sure you pull up other women to follow and learn from you.

 4. Don’t Be Anyone’s Coffee or Lunch ‘Gal’

How many successful men in the workplace do you see getting their boss’s lunch or coffee? If this is not one of your job responsibilities, it’s best to not get in the habit of doing it. Similarly, it can be all too easy to say yes to every project or ‘favor’ as you strive to be a good employee. But if you never say no, you’ll ultimately hurt both yourself and your company. It’s important to take a stand and go after the projects you really want and will move your career forward – and to push back when you don’t have the capacity for additional work or the project is menial. Of course, it’s important to know ‘how’ to say no diplomatically. And if you think saying no can cost your job, it may be advisable to seek guidance about the best action to take. But you can bet many of the guys say no—and never look back.

Have questions about how to approach challenges you face as a woman in the workplace, and how to excel in your job? Marilyn will work collaboratively with you — to answer your questions and help you succeed in your career.