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Portrait of a mature woman.

In Your 40’s (or 50’s) and Wondering What’s Next? (Part Two)

Different stages of life have different transitions – how do we adjust? It may feel like many moons ago – but remember when you went to college, graduated college, earned your first job, got married, and had kids? Those were all transitions, just like this one. The great news is that you’ll get through this just like all the other ones in your life. The uncomfortable part is that it’s all about YOU. Yes, you read that correctly, it’s time for YOU again. Let that soak in…

The process of learning what will bring you purpose is just that…a process. What brought you meaning and purpose in your 20’s and 30’s will look different now – years later. You must first accept and give yourself permission to move forward with YOU top-of-mind.

So where a new career is in your future, a long travel adventure or going back to school – Marilyn Fettner can help you learn more about who YOU are and what is on the horizon for you.