What Is Your Personal Vision Statement?

By: Marilyn Fettner

Are You Living Your Personal Vision?

  • If so, you’re more likely to be living a happy and fulfilling life!

What is your Personal Vision Statement?

  • It’s your written commitment for how you want to live your life.
  • It influences every aspect of your life and career.
  • It’s considered one of the most important factors for success and satisfaction.

Does a Personal Vision Statement Really Matter?

  • Without a Personal Vision Statement – you may be more likely to end up in a stress cycle.
    • In a stress cycle, people tend to feel their lives lack meaning and purpose.
    • You’re more likely to make reactive decisions, resulting in short-term fixes, rather than comprehensive long-term solutions.
    • Decisions are driven by power and status, rather than by meaningful personal values.
  • With a Personal Vision Statement – you’ll be working within the balance cycle.
    • In a balance cycle, people are more satisfied and productive, and live their lives with more meaning and purpose.
    • You’re more likely to make viable decisions based on long-term goals for your life.
    • Decisions are driven by your Personal Vision, directed by your internal purpose and values.

5 Steps to Create and Use Your Personal Vision Statement

  1. Create your Personal Vision Statement by writing one to two paragraphs listing your values and abilities, and the things that are most meaningful to you in your life.
  2. Use your Personal Vision Statement to create your life and career goals.
  3. Refer to your Personal Vision Statement for each important decision you make.
  4. Periodically check that the actions you’re taking align with your goals and work toward fulfilling your Personal Vision.
  5. Review this exercise regularly with your coach and revise as needed.

Are you ready to discover your Personal Vision and start living a more fulfilling life?

Marilyn is a Certified Personal Vision Coach and a Certified Affiliate for the Highland’s Ability Battery.  Ask her about the Personal Vision Coaching Program.
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