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How can coaching help?

Many people feel a sense of relief after sharing their concerns with a life coach or career coach who listens with empathy and without judgment.

Gain practical strategies

Build confidence, stop procrastinating, improve communication skills and relationships, advance your career – and manage challenges, such as, life transitions, executive functioning problems and ADHD, learning differences, and negative thinking – we will help you get back on track!

Whatever your challenge

We will work with you to clarify your needs, set achievable goals, and design a plan to help you go from where you are — to where you want to be.

Marilyn Fettner, LCPC, CCC, NCC

Marilyn Fettner, LCPC, CCC, NCC
I am passionate about helping you live your best life, both professionally and personally. I believe there is always a solution, or at least some way to improve a situation and ease stress. Having over twenty-five years’ experience, I have coached people from 18-years of age and above, including students, executives, career-changers, entrepreneurs, and back-to-work professionals of all kinds to achieve career and life satisfaction. I provide genuine caring and personalized resources to help you build a realistic plan to gain success and satisfaction.

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My professional expertise at your convenience.

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