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How can coaching help?

Many people feel a sense of relief after sharing their concerns with a life coach or career coach who listens with empathy and without judgment.

Gain practical strategies

Build confidence, stop procrastinating, improve communication skills and relationships, manage challenges like ADHD, executive functioning problems, learning differences, or negative thinking — we will help you get back on track.

Whatever your challenge

We will work with you to clarify your needs, set achievable goals, and design a plan to help you go from where you are — to where you want to be.

Marilyn Fettner, LCPC, CCC, NCC

Marilyn Fettner, LCPC, CCC, NCC

I am passionate about helping you live your best life, both professionally and personally. I believe there is always a solution, or at least some way to improve a situation or ease stress. Having over twenty-five years experience, I have coached students, executives, career-changers, entrepreneurs, and back-to-work professionals of all kinds to achieve career satisfaction. I provide genuine, caring, business-savvy, and personalized resources to help you build a realistic plan for success.

My professional expertise at your convenience.

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My professional expertise at your convenience.

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